Month: August 2014

Last Year at Greer

The Nashville Sounds have played their home games at Greer Stadium since 1978. Tonight is the final home game; the Sounds will begin playing at their new stadium next season.

Greer was built due to the efforts of a colorful Nashvillian, Larry Schmittou, and several country music personalities. It has an odd personality—kind of a dump, but OUR dump. It is in a weird part of town and is not easy to find ifn’s you ain’t from round here!

My wife and I attended a game recently, and it began pouring rain 15 minutes before the first pitch. The game was rescheduled for the following night.

Here’s a picture of the rain:


And, of course, the concession area flooded:


But, it gave the employees a chance to play with squeegees:


The next night, this guy was not too impressed:


But this little fellow was:


Goodnight, Greer.