Month: April 2014

If you build it…..

Work is underway for the new home for Nashville’s minor league baseball team, the Nashville Sounds. I was riding my bike on Sunday morning and iPhone’d (great word, shuddup Bryan Garner) this picture of the worksite:



The park is located just south of downtown Nashville on the same site as the old Sulphur Dell ballpark.  Reserve your seats here!


Just Add Nuts (addendum)

Litigants are not the only persons who ride the crazy train to Acorntown. Some lawyers with dry-roasted craniums cannot resist the temptation to climb aboard.

Check out this fella. Instead of requesting a continuance for a hearing, he followed Rule 3.14159265359 and called in a bomb threat to the courthouse. Then, his client was mysteriously stabbed to death outside of his office.


Squirrel Clipart


Just Add Nuts

Sooner or later, all litgators encounter pro se opponents who make them blow a brain gasket.

Meet Banana Lady. She delivers singing telegrams in full fruitcake fruit costume, then sues anyone everyone who records her performance. Sanctions do not deter her, and she appeels appeals if she loses.

Here is a unanimous (not banana split) decision from the 7th Circuit where Judge Posner tells Banana Lady to quit monkeying around. Nice nuts-n-bolts discussion of copyright principles, then Posner delivers a delicious tongue lashing to La Senora Plátano.


A little dab will do ya!

Normally, copy someone else’s original work and Peter Private Process Server is Googling your home address. However, did you know that the judge may deal you a get-out-of-jail-free card if you only copy a dab? Dippity Doo-dah!!!!

This defendant copied 12-14 practice exam questions from a competitor’s test that contained over 1000 questions. The trial judge said this was just a dab and plaintiff needed to get out of defendant’s hair. The copying was de minimis, and the copyright world is jiggy with it, I guess.

The opinion has a nice discussion of the de minimis doctrine and cites the famous Beastie Boys case: