Month: March 2014

Guest of the Sheriff

Lawyers have an obligation to zealously represent their clients. Some nimrods consider that a license to act like an animal.

What was Joe Brown thinking when he appeared in juvenile court in Shelby County? Publicity stunt by a fame-starved has been?

You be the judge—here’s a link to the audio:





Stream Me Up, Scotty!

The RIAA released its 2013 report that contained stats for the sales of recorded music. Overall revenues remained constant, but the revenue from streaming services continues to grow at a torrid pace. And, it is doing so despite reports that none of the services are generating a profit.

As expected, CD sales continue to plunge and digital downloads are wilting.  Although vinyl is not a significant player, it is cool to see that sector continuing to grow!

Here’s the report:

Maiden Voyage

My friends tell me I MUST blog. I am not sure why, but they insist it is necessary for good health and total consciousness. So, I got that going for me, which is nice. Gunga-galunga.

So, the question is—what in the heck do I write about?  Stuffy law reviews that most lawyers do not want to read? University of Kentucky basketball?  The variety of pathogens hosted by Miley Cyrus?

I think I’ll just wing it until someone pays me to do otherwise. That’s how Thelonius Monk rolled, so it should work for me. Bombs away!